Friday, January 27, 2006

oo4 * OT

OverTime + OverTawad + OverThinking
+ Over sTaying +

grabe, i'm still here in the office... still trying to print all the needed materials included in the press kit, which will be distributed at the program launch that we're going to have exactly a week away from today.


i'm tired.. but just like what i told Vic in YM a while ago, which i also used as my stat,

overtime is also the price of doing and enjoying what you love to do.

nevermind the eyebags, nevermind hunger, nevermind thirst, nevermind the headache, nevermind being tired, nevermind health (sometimes, this really becomes the case), nevermind if your overstaying will not be paid..... nevermind if you fall asleep at your desk... nevermind if your boss won't even notice.... nevermind if when you come home all you would want to do is lay down and sleep... nevermind the laundry, the dirty dishes, the dogs, the dust....

for as long as you're enjoying what you are doing, nevermind all that.

am i beginning to sound like a maniac..?


nah,, just hungry. ;)

but i've proven one thing ::: i really am more productive at night.
mcoy was right, i am nocturnal.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

oo3 * Me

by: Jewel Kilcher
note: this is one of my favorite poems by Jewel.

I have blonde hair
I pluck my eyebrows
I have my father's nose
my mother's hands
I have crooked teeth
and green eyes
I play guitar
I used to get sick a lot
I like the color of wine
I've cheated on boyfriends
I've owned fake ID
But my hair is still blonde
and my teeth are still crooked
and I probably won't always likethe color of wine

I have firm breasts
I have lips that always smile
I have veins that bleed
I laugh when I'm nervous
I feel the pain of others
but cry for no reason
I like open flame
I've been selfish since a child
I'm from Alaska
but hate the cold
I've cheated on diets
I've faked applications
But I still bleed
and my lips still smile
and my breasts won't always be firm

I have strong shoulders
I have olive skin
I have a Swiss face I borrowed from my grandmother
I have long nails on my right hand
which break regularly
My little toe is strange
I write
I used to make wreaths from dandelions
I brush my hair before bed
I cheated on tests
I faked flirtatious French accents
But I still have gold skin
and my nails still break
and I probably won't always have strong shoulders
and I may not always write
But maybe I'll start
making wreaths
from dandelions again


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

oo2 * Gutom na ko.

i'm really starving. (#_#) i'm waiting for a meeting to conclude so we could proceed to Kitchen at Greenbelt 3 for a free dinner. :p [lol]

i fetched our American guests from their hotel a while ago. i don't really enjoy babysitting foreigners on their business visits. it's like i am expected to act like a tour guide - know landscape we pass by on, when i, myself, needs a tour.

thank heavens, leo accompanied me.

we walked from paseo de roxas (where are building is) to makati avenue (where one can find a short cut to manila peninsula) along ayala avenue. thanks heavens, again, that the rain has decided to stop already...

i don't like bringing umbrellas. bringing an umbrella is like bringing another document folder with me.. but, of course, the convenience it brings when a heavy rain starts pouring in is certainly appreciated.

can anyone invent a more portable umbrella..?

i'm really, really starving.

oo1 * Stars and Satellite

i found myself waking up unhappy today.
then, i found myself preparing for office work today..
'tho i don't really intend to work.
i just needed to be in the office.

boredom sets in, as usual. thank heavens, there is internet.

i found myself creating a new Multiply site.
i found my mind playing with words...
seeking words that would project an imagery of my world..
or maybe how i feel today..
or maybe what i am fond of.. of what i am interested in.

natalie imbruglia's "Satellite" was on repeat mode.

"Do you lie awake / In the morning / Trying to find / A reason to call me / 'Cause honey / All that I've been doing / Is thinking about your smile...

'Cause you are my Satellite / So I'm trying to / Keep you in sight / But with all this space / Can we keep it alive / Keep it alive / So I'm asking you baby / Are you coming down tonight,"

-- she said.

i played it over and over again....

TAG! .... "stars and satellite".

i'm trashing the multiply site...

Welcome to My Universe.. =)

Here you will find:
me - the star and the satellite; and
my story - well, at least my version of stories.

*so why "stars and satellites"..?

aside from being nocturnal on most nights, i have always enjoyed a night of star-filled skies and, the perfect sudden appearances and fadings of a comet [or shooting star as some call them].. i love meeting the different faces of the earth's satellite.. since childhood, i have been fascinated by heavenly bodies.. i remember having a book about the sun, the moon, earth and the other planets, and other heavenly stuff up there, and the galaxies that crowds the Universe..

Comet's Tail:

blogging.. is when you create a planet of your own where you can speak freely..
where one can be intelligent and smart then be dumb the next second... to become deep then shallow the next minute... stubborn, cold-hearted and harsh then very appreciative the next morning.. where you can be sad and melancholic then be happy...

but the irony in it is that,
you create your own world for yourself where no one should find you,
but it is also where everyone can find you...
and in the process, you would meet new friends who share almost the same experiences or sentiments..

you are found!

..and a time might come when you would want to be heard...
so you start asking around who among your friends are blogging...
then you exchange addresses...

by this time, you are exposed.