Tuesday, February 28, 2006

o14 * coño kid in the making?

since i'm like so tamad today and i'm like not in the mood to make chika to my friends also,
because i feel so horrible today, i do not know why -
let me chika myself in a very coño accent. ok?

so.. what's up? (afi people, does that sound familiar or what? haha)

i feel so bloated, you know. yeah, yeah. (yeah, yeah??? wtf?!)
yeah, i do. i feel ugly... i may actually look ugly... but i think i feel ugli-err.
haay. must be my pimples. eew, noh..? yulk...
what is it with today?

i feel so sleepy as well. this morning, it seems like i wanted to spend the rest of the day in bed.
duty calls. so i'm up. for a half day of petix in the office.
if i turn into words the expression on my face this morning:
"duh? sige na nga, papasok na ko. hmpf." sabay ngiwi.

it's payday nga pala today. gosh, i'm glad i have extra bucks to pay for my credit card bills.
oh my gah...
you know naman, i need to make sure i have new get-ups for the weekly gimmicks (as if.)

credit card companies: parasites!

so, let's stop here na lang muna. i really feel sleepy eh.
i'll surf the net na lang muna.. pretend and try to look really busy. ahihi

Friday, February 24, 2006

o13 * Change If Your Beloved Asks You to Change

by Bo Sanchez

Lately, I’ve been vain.
After five years of being married, my wife has finally convinced me to use a conditioner after a shampoo. Gosh, I feel so worldly.
And would you believe? She’s also convinced me to use lotion for my dry skin.
You just don’t know how uncomfortable I felt making these changes. Let me explain. There was a time when I didn’t even use a deodorant because I felt it was vanity. So you could imagine the devastating presence I had in a crowd. In the words of my closest buddies, I had superpowers. Like famous televangelists, all I had to do was raise my arm and a whole crowd of people would fall before me.
And would you believe? I’ve never put on cologne in my life.
Oh, except for that historic first date when I courted Marowe, my wife today.
When she smelled the scent, she told me the fragrance was fresh and asked me what it was. I told her, “My cologne’s GC.” I never told her what it meant.
When we got married, I finally did tell her: Green Cross cologne.
Yes, I’ve changed.
I now use a hi-tech cell phone, so I can text sweet nothings to her daily.
I dress presentably, so I won’t be mistaken for her driver.
And I use a deodorant, because that was included in our marriage contract.
My point? Love has changed me.
More accurately, my beloved has changed me.
That should happen, if it’s really love.
Does your beloved want you to change certain things in your life? For you to stop smoking? For you to become more gentle in your speech? For you to be more affectionate? For you to stop farting in public?
Prove your love. Change if your beloved asks you to change.
And here’s my bigger point: Does your Beloved in Heaven want you to change certain things in your life?
Prove your love for Him as well. Change if your Divine Beloved asks you to change.

(Source: Fill Your Life With Miracles – Discover God in the Ordinary… and Live Extraordinary, p.69)


maiba naman tayo ng tema... ;) have a heppy weekend everyone!
magdasal tayo na sana hindi na lumala ang Pilipinas.

Monday, February 20, 2006

o12 * Police Report #1 - Na-hold up kami sa Victory Liner bus kagabi...

people, please please be careful..!!!
...madaming mga gago at halang ang bituka sa panahon na ito.

mabuti na lang at around 2k lang ang nkuha sa pocket ni boifriend, celphone nya at kwintas ko lang ang nakuha samen.. mabuti na din na tig-iisang suntok lang ang inabot namin (na hindi naman namin deserve dahil mga behave kaming victims)...

mabuti na lang din na buhay pa kami... (Thank you so much, Lord.)

mas mautak pa din ako sa kanila, naitago ko ang 10k ni boifriend, watch at celphone ko.. at buti na lang din na naiwan ko yung hikaw ko at lahat ng pera ko sa Pampanga.. kung hindi, nakupow, simot sarap ang bulsa ko.

mga leche sila, ang lalaki ng katawan, hindi maghanap ng maayos na trabaho. mga kupal.

please, please... always be alert.. and do not forget to pray.

o11 * Next to You

by Kenny Rankin and Dan Siegal

If I had me a bag of good wishes

There's no mystery to what I would do
I would use all my magical powers
And try to get next to you

I would bring you a field of flowers
As your lucky star would do
With my heart I would paint you a rainbow
If I could get next to you

There's so much we can share
However far too long

We both know that there's so much here
This is where I belong

Late at night when I close my eyes
Make believin' that you are here
Dreamin' of the things we do
If I could get next to you

In my mind, Ooh ooh, I have kissed you
And it feels like a thousand times
I'd lose track of all the hours
Dreamin' I'm next to you

This is where I belong

Late at night when I close my eyes
Make believin' that you are here
Dreamin' of the things we do
If I could get next to you

In my mind, Ooh ooh, I have kissed you
And it feels like a thousand times
I'd lose track of all the hours
Wishing and hoping
That I could get next to you

whoever has an mp3 of this, please send me a copy.... please, please, please..? =) mat-sala!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

o1o * even blogthings.com agrees with me...

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 32%

Your job is not bad, but it's probably not a long term thing.
You're just not happy enough to stick around for too long...
And there's little that can change how you feel.
Start looking around for other options, but only quit for something really good!

oo9 * unhappy

i'm realizing how dull my life is lately.

tek was a huge reason why i felt happy.

now that we're fighting over a mistake that he does not want to admit and a temper he does not want to tame, i'm torn between rational thinking and just wanting to have a peace of mind.

i've become tired of the fights.

i am becoming someone i do not like.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

oo8 * prayers for a soul

A news that is stronger than coffee woke me up today.

PO1 Francis "Al" Camba, a good friend of mine, died today.

May his soul rest in peace in God's kingdom.

comet's tail:

I do not know the whole story yet. The company requests that our company's employee's presence in Makati Med and the precinct, where some of our colleagues are being questioned, be minimized.

Monday, February 13, 2006

oo7 * life is beautiful

"life is beautiful.... when you're full," i candidly blurted out yesterday over lunch at a MOA signing after feeling good about not eating too much. i wasn't hungry at all since i just had a heavy early lunch at 10:30am.

a colleague chuckled on what she heard from me and commented, "wow, nag-rhyme pa.." i thought it was funny too.. but if we are to take what i said to another level, we'd realize that it is true in many ways.

how can life be beautiful if there are thousands of people out there unfed..?

yesterday, between witnessing the signing of agreements between project partners and a colleague whispering to me how ambitious "the project" is in connecting all high schools to the internet, i prayed that this project would succeed and indeed somehow serve its pupose - that by connecting the schools to the internet and improving their students' education, the project would help its intended beneficiaries find employment to feed their families.

although one point in case, just as hanna pointed out before in one of our conversations, how can social work groups think of raising this much money to connect all schools to the internet if their immediate need is food, water and shelter..? ..why would you think of connecting them to the internet when many children, including their parents, cannot read a single sentence or a single word..?

going further, the world we live in is suffering from starvation. not just the kind that could be sufficed by food and water, or a candy bar; it's the kind of hunger that comes from the soul. with the kind of world we live in and the range of principles we are offered to adopt today, our soul's immediate need might not necessarily be evangelization, but values formation.

our world is hungry for love... it is hungry for unity... for peace.

the soul of our world hungers for the Truth!

coincidentally, when i was drafting this entry, i read a former classmate's blog entry at her multiply site. for a well-written related literature, please click here and find the entry "My Wowowee".


this entry reminds me of the flick we watched in college. if you haven't seen "Life is Beautiful", go to your nearest Tower Records or Music One and grab an original copy. if a copy is not available or if you're experiencing financial drought, feel free to drop by at Quiapo and buy a pirated a copy. ;) it's a touching movie.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

oo6 * Dead Dog Walking

Bailey acquired a certain disease known as distemper.

It is a contagious, incurable, often fatal, multisystemic viral disease that affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. Distemper is caused by the canine distemper virus (CDV). Canine distemper occurs worldwide, and once was the leading cause of death in unvaccinated puppies. Young puppies between 3 and 6 months old are most susceptible to infection and disease and are more likely to die than infected adults.
(Source: http://www.animalhealthchannel.com/distemper/)

Bailey is owned by my cousin Chec and her now pseudo-boyfriend Nathan. When they bought him, the former owner said that he had Bailey complete the vaccines, so there shouldn't be any problems. They bought him before Nathan left for Korea to work.

Bailey is a mix of breeds labrador and golden retriever. He's huge. He was always nice and sweet. He would bring you an offering in a form of a basahan or any available thing that he finds on the floor as soon as he senses you entering the house. Sometimes it's his dentbone.

Together with the other two loudmouths, Spyder and Piccha, he would wag his tail excitedly and endlessly walk around you until you scratch his body and tell him "Bailey, give me." By then, he should be handing over to you the basahan as a sign of surrender. He would think he deserves a pat on the back, so you should tell him "Good daaawwg." [Does this remind you of teh US of A and the Philippine government..? But that's another story...]

That was how he was. Until he caught distemper.

The first thing my Tita Chat (Chec's mum) noticed was an uncontrollable jerking on Bailey's head. Now, the rest of his body jerks as if he's having hiccups 24 hours. He also had on and off fever. Then loss of appetite soon followed and he seemed like a depressed dog.

Chec suspects that the former owner lied to them about Bailey having been able to get all the necessary vaccines. I suspect that even the former owner did not know what Bailey needed. He did not know ALL the vaccines he had to give his dogs.

Bailey's situation is getting worse by the day. Eventhough the vet says that Bailey cannot feel any pain from this disease, we sense that Bailey is having a very hard time. He could not eat, drink, stand up or run at all. You think he's in love..? NO. He's very sick and he's not happy.

Although I don't support the mere idea, Chec and Tita Chat are already considering the option of inducing something to Bailey to make him fall asleep and die painlessly. Yes, euthanasia. (Aaarghh! Dammit. Just typing it makes me want to puke.) And they might just do it with a help of a vet this coming weekend.

Please pray for Bailey.
We loved him. We still love him.
Please know that we (lalo na ako) regret whatever is happening now
and whatever might happen to him soon.

To the reader:

If you're an owner of puppies or full-blown dogs, whether they have breed or just plain askals (asong kalye) and you really love them so much... well.. even if you don't... please, please have them vaccinated.

Even when your pets don't tell you they're sick...

If you know anyone who owns pets, well especially dogs in this case, encourage them to have their pets checked by the vet.

Bug them to death!!!



Friday, February 03, 2006

oo5 * Lady of Strength

You Are Strength
You represent both fiery energy and steadfast will.You are innocent and naive - yet unafraid and undaunted.Perhaps you don't have the most powerful physical strength...But your mental powers make up for any amount of muscle.
Your fortune:
Lately, you have been a pillar of ethics and moral strength.And while things may be difficult, your faith in yourself will come through.You may need to conquer the animalistic nature of yourself or others, with gentle force.Although this may seem like the darkest hour for you, victory is near.
What Tarot Card Are You?

You Are Lightning
Beautiful yet dangerousPeople will stop and watch you when you appearEven though you're capable of random violence
You are best known for: your power
Your dominant state: performing
What Type of Weather Are You?