Wednesday, April 19, 2006

o45 * speaking of surprises

my boss was surprised when he found out about my decision to resign. maybe he expected that i would be staying a little bit longer... maybe because he still asked me to help him out with the t2t project recently assigned (or passed on-) to him and maybe because i didn't show any signs or say anything about my plans. the "settling" thing might have added weight to the surprise. all these and his reaction is very understandable and very well expected by me.

a few minutes or maybe an hour ago, JJ noticeably looked at my table and the scattered stuff on it... for the first time. usually, he would just casually pass by my cubicle, ignore whatever it was that i was busy with or even when i'm being unproductive. but this time, he really obviously gazed at my table and it seemed like he was looking for something else.

worried that i was playing my music too loud, i asked, "ano po yun? malakas po ba yung music ko..? sorry...." ..then he replied, "hinde.. ano yan?" .."Updharma Down," i answered gladly. he said, "talaga..? ano pa music mo na kapareho nyan? ..."uhm.. wala na eh.. mga rock na yung iba," i said proudly, smiling.

"how rock?,"he asked. i said, "uhm, punk rock gaya nitong Join the Club, yung iba nasa bahay eh.. Stonefree, Imago.." i forgot what else i mentioned surprised at his interest, and asked why.

i could certainly remember clearly JJ's comment.. rather, reaction to what i just said.. and i would never forget it for the rest of my music-listening life.

he said, "cool.. wala naman.. nakakagulat lang." (*_*)

my mouth said, "ah..hehe" ..but my head was saying, "haha what the heck.. you think i only listen to popular rock..? ..or what wursh wursh people call trash-sell-out music..? hehe ..or maybe he's surprised that we actually have this particular shared taste in music that his bright, blue-eagled coño mind could not seem to withstand. haha (ok, i'm just exaggerating his coñoness... but it did seem like that.. :p)

oh, btw, a few minutes ago he asked me if i have a Cynthia Alexander CD. told him i lost my Insomnia copy. eh he's looking for the most recent album pala. eh ayoko naman yung album na bago. :p he commented further, "rocker ka pala..." OMG. haha!

Here's Pag-Agos by Filipino kick-ass band, Updharma Down.

at sa aking pagkubli
hampas ng araw
pagdamdam ng gabi
tulog ang iyong mga kamay
di na ko makapag-antay

isang umaga muling aahon
at sisikat sa mga panahon
na tayo pang dalawa
masayang nagsasama

buong araw ng pag-agos
kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo

isang umaga muli ng pag-iisa
walang mayakap at makasama
pusong pilit na sinugatan
landas kong karaniwan

buong araw ng pag-agos
kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo

malayo man malapit din
ayos lang agos lang


At 8:13 AM, Anonymous mauster said...

Oo nga Denise nagulat ako! I congratulate you for your courage! I hope I would have that, too! I'm definitely honored to get to know you. I wish you well! Keep in touch!

At 2:24 PM, Blogger beewai said...

sarap naman.. =) thanks, maui..

to know u and the rest of the amici girls is an honor to me as well... wala nang mas loloca-loca pa saten..eherm..senyo lang pala.. haha!

gonna miss u, gurlaloos.. =)

At 9:30 AM, Blogger tRyx said...

deniseee! la lang! :) PARA SA KASIYAHAN AND FRIENDSHIP... ;)

At 10:06 AM, Blogger beewai said...

=) thanks for making my AFI life pretty fun =)

At 9:41 PM, Blogger yanna_alfa said...

"that his bright, blue-eagled coño mind could not seem to withstand"

Syet - I love this hahahaha! ;-) Denise, I am so happy for you. Finally letting go , and finally "grabbing" sonething else. Will miss you , like you know wursh wursh.


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